The joy of programming.

Recently I was catching up with a friend and found myself gushing, writing code is so much fun, it’s like a drug!

It’s that surge of well-being that comes with solving a problem. Other things in my life have felt like a drug – texts from a love interest, going on regular runs, for example. Programming is somewhere in between the two – it’s particularly addicting and completely accessible.

But I’m also reminded that it wasn’t always this way. Sure, the first time I realized I could change something in code and make a WordPress sidebar move to the other side of the page, I felt like I had just hacked a bank safe. But for the year and a half I’ve been learning programming – Ruby on Rails – whenever I’ve found a bug in an app, I’ve pretty much set aside multiple hours or weeks to fix it. Because that’s how long it took, and I would spend hours Google searching and reading Stack Exchange and feeling like I would simply never find an answer because I wasn’t putting the problem in the correct terminology. 

That fear of hitting a wall only went away recently. The last few bugs I’ve had, I solved in fewer than ten minutes – when I had been expecting to spend several hours. So not only am I beginning to build confidence, but I’m losing that fear that used to come with making any change in my app. 

And it took me a year and a half to get there.