the iPad

I had the great pleasure of laying ten fingers on a real-live iPad last week, thanks to journalism professor Owen Youngman. In my graduate program, professors are more or less required to own one, so they can write about it.

As an avid consumer of novels, from Jane Eyre to the latest Chuck Palahniuk, I appreciated the iBooks app. It offers a huge improvement on Amazon’s Kindle – the pages don’t speed by, they turn. Slowly. In fact, as the corner of the page creeps up in sync with your finger, you can read the reverse text as if it’s on the other side of the page. Not to mention, vivid color illustrations for books that include pictures.

I also appreciated the Major League Baseball app, which I surely would use, if I owned an iPad, because the television networks in Chicago have not yet caught on to the wonders of my Padres.