New Year, new Tumblr

Dear Internet,

I haven’t posted on Tumblr in a while, and I realized that I have never used Tumblr in a very Tumblr-y way. For awhile, I posted links and short posts on “future of journalism” (as you can see from my archive) but I have a new job and don’t follow that news as obsessively anymore. Plus, I only used Tumblr in order to send longer posts/links to Twitter – I didn’t really interact with the platform in terms of reblogging or using the dashboard. 

Well, Tumblr, I’m going to start. I now only follow 30 blogs here instead of 111, and will actually take time to look at what those people – who I actually know personally – are posting.

I also moved my personal blog to Tumblr, but not as my default blog – you can see it at You can also follow it on Tumblr, if you’d like. 

While that blog is more of a professional “about me” page, this one will be sort of like the playroom – the place I store the creative stuff that doesn’t really fit anywhere else.