New new journalism

Journalism is not capturing the audience or the revenue that it used to. Known as an industry in decline, it is becoming an industry in transition, say those optimists who are paying attention.

Shall we cook brussell sprouts and package them as cupcakes? Asks audience analysis professor Rachel Davis Mersey (Medill School of Journalism).

No, the internet is not making us dumber and the reason we still read entertainment news but not hard news, aka politics in the Middle East, is because of information overload.

Now, there’s pressure to not *just* graduate to a New York Times subscription – but to stay up on Politico and HuffPo and local neighborhood news as well.

What are newsies to do? Simply aggregate and repackage?

It’s not really a layer of frosting and sprinkles that we need. It’s context. The backstory, so to speak.

It’s a conversational tone used in sports writing, not just updating the score and naming the winner or the culprit. Sports writing brings in background and commentary – still unbiased – but offers the reader a stage on which to set the news.

Not everyone is a news junkie.

So, as the ‘news experience’ is transformed, watch. See if a new writing style is birthed as well.

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