A few years ago I went to Africa. At the time, Liberia, in West Africa, was recovering from a recent civil war. When I got back, I realized that if computers and/or electricity failed, I would probably die, but the Liberians would be just fine.

Some of them might not even notice.

They bought rice with cash and grew cassava, and ate the root (like a potato) as well as the leaves. Sure, some of them had email addresses they could check from an internet café in the city and many of them had cell phones (which were charged at huts on the side of the road).

But, they were still in touch with the whole “plants grow in the ground” deal. At my family’s house in Laguna Hills, we’ve hosted several failed pepper and tomato plants, and the grass would die if it was not watered a few times per week.

I think this is why technology is so often trailed by fear. So, I’d like to propose a required class for California elementary schools called “Pier Fishing in the Pacific.”

Just kidding.

I don’t think the internet is going to disappear, but I think hard drives will, because – why store information in a big box when there’s satellites and networks?

But, the memories that are stored in our actual brains, like names and quotes, become that much more treasured.