My Book

Impressionistic and engaging … Fankhauser boldly offers new wisdom.
– Bromleigh McCleneghan, pastor and author of Good Christian Sex

Shameless has been called Blue Like Jazz meets The Purity Myth.

I grew up as an evangelical Christian, enthusiastic about my faith-based decision to wait until marriage for sex.

When I was 26, I changed my mind. But I had a lot to learn…this is my story.

Early Reviews

“Dani’s journey is a breath of fresh air, and a healthy look at modern faith, and love.”

“A quick but insightful read on Dani’s journey from fundamentally conservative with a literalist viewpoint to one full of grace & mercy… with the journey centered on the complex issue of sex and intimacy.”

“Shameless is honest, inquisitive and giggle-inducing.”

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