Bloom where you’re planted

I have a special announcement: My good friend and twice roommate Amber is in the Dominican Republic and Haiti (as of this moment, just one or the other, I don’t know which). Even more importantly, she just started a blog on her adventures with her new company, Children of the Nations, a non-profit.

The organization works in underdeveloped countries, in Africa and Latin America, specializing in building schools and providing for children. 

The reason this is important for me to announce is because Amber and I first visited Africa at the same time. I went to Liberia; she visited Tanzania. Many times, I wish I was still there. I feel silly, living here in Orange County, driving my shiny Toyota Corolla and interviewing chefs about their fine cuisine while the people I met in Liberia eat the same meal every day, and only one meal each day. 

But, my guilt for where I was born never helped anyone. That is why I love still having Amber in my life. I know her to be someone very passionate about helping those who are less fortunate, and very smart about how to be the most effective. She is the one who recommended this great book to me:

So, while I must live the life I’ve been given here in Orange County, I can also commit to contributing financially and relationally to Amber, and through her, make a difference.