Always a bridesmaid no more

My editor tells me that if something is done twice, it is a coincidence. Three times? It’s a trend. 

In Chicago last year, a few of my friends planned a fake bachelorette party because they wanted to dress pretty, go out for a nice dinner and have drinks bought for them. I didn’t hesitate to join them, and we all wore pins that said things like “The Best Friend” or “The Hot One." 

Last week, my roommate decided she has had enough of friends getting married, divorced and married again, when she hasn’t gotten to have her first wedding yet. That’s it, she decided. We’re going to celebrate her bachelorette tonight, and she can count on her dream wedding and her dream man (well, only for one night). 

The faux bride to be asked me to be a bridesmaid … I was touched. 

A girl can only take so long of being always a bridesmaid, or in some cases, a fake bridesmaid! Next fake bachelorette party? It’s gonna be me 🙂