About Me

You can’t tell a good story unless you know what your character wants. This is the philosophy that drives both how I write and how I live my life.

My early writing consisted of script sequels to The Three Little Pigs, which I’d act out with friends on camping trips.

From there, I’ve been in search of a good story. I got hooked on industries in transition as the most compelling plot. There I’ve helped scale startup media and technology companies and find new revenue streams in journalism and book publishing.

I completed my M.S. in journalism at Medill School of Journalism, B.A. in business at Point Loma Nazarene University, taught myself Ruby on Rails, and completed my 200-hour yoga teach training with Corepower Yoga.

I created ReadThisNext, a social network for fiction enthusiasts, and I recently published my first book, Shameless: How I Lost My Virginity and Kept My Faith.

I believe stories change lives, and the ability to tell your story is one of our most foundational needs as humans. My vocation, inside and outside of my professional work, is to bring light to stories that need to be told.